This post is dedicated to one of my favourite modern poetess – Meenakshi ji – on her birthday today!! 🎂

Would like to wish you a very happy birthday!! And may all your wishes come true and you have a beautiful and blissful life. May you remain inspired always to keep writing these amazing lines which are addictive and a revelation to one’s mind!!

I tried to write something for you – in English!! 😨 (which i never do usually!) and I realized I really suck at it!! 🙈But nevertheless will go ahead and share it now!! I know it’s not well written so please dont mind!! 😊

One day my phone got a wp notification,

I knew it must be on my new poem.

Checking it i got to know, my poem was taken to a conclusion!!

The words seemed so right, as if it needed no justification!

I felt this was the best compliment to be ever done,

Adding words to my work without a hint of any friction.

And this was how I met this gem of a person,

Blog full of poems, oozing of wisdom!

The power of those words were like an intoxication,

Capable of taking the soul to it’s freedom!

She is always present in a state of literary momentum,

I feel awed every time by the web of words she summons.

An excellent poet, a deep thinker, and a soulful woman,

She can take a single word and turn it into a poetry in motion.

Through her writings, always spreading love and affection!

Sheer good luck that I got to know such a lovely person!!


Wish you a very happy birthday again! Keep writing and enriching our lives with your beautiful thoughts!!